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Custom Animations and Graphics

Update your Live Stream with custom graphics and animations today and get more attention with your stream channel! I’ll do amazing animated Logo reveals, Screens, Twitch / Facebook Gaming Alerts,  Face-cam Overlays, Transition and Social media headers for beginners, mid-level and PRO streamers.

Animations are designed for smooth stream on computers with low and high performance, so don’t worry about your stream quality with custom animations and graphics.  All graphic and animated items are ready to use with StreamLabs and OBS platform.

Contact me on email and we can talk about your needs, goals for stream and style you like. Most of the graphics and animations are done by few days, so you can use them earlier thank you think.

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Process of Animation

Let’s talk about your vision and ideas for stream graphics and animations. We’ll choose the right option for stream platform as Twitch or Facebook Gaming and according your budget. With clear vision we can start with flat design of graphics. Process will be under your control all the time, you’ll get the graphic concepts, color variations and options how to improve stream. In time you are happy with graphics we’ll go to animate all of them with special gfx effects, lights and 3D effects to make animations excellent and professional. The last stage is rendering out animations in high quality HD screen. All of the animations are exported into webm files. Which mean low capacity files, smooth stream and perfect quality animations.

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Logo Design and Animation

Are you tired of mascot logo designs and non professional visuals? Come closer and buy original and unique logo design for gaming stream. Explain me what exactly are you looking for and I’ll start with design process. First you’ll get logo design concept with favourite colors and shapes. Describe me how would you like to improve concept and I’ll make the revision of logo. When we finish with design concept, we are ready to go to the final stage! What files and pictures do you get? Full color logo, white color logo and black color logo. All of them with transparent background, contrast color background and 3D Full color visual for avatar on your live stream (Twitch, Facebook Gaming) and social media.

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Live Stream Screens

More gaming, bigger audience and full-time stream? Why not? Buy custom screens today, surprise your audience and show them some LOVE! I’ll design Twitch or Facebook Gaming screens according your favourite game, colors, shapes and style you love. Design process is very similar to others. We’ll start with favourite stream colors, shapes and create design concept. You can choose if you want to have every single screen in different style or same style with different text as Starting Soon, Be Right Back, Intermission, Just Chatting and Ending Soon. Choose the right option for stream and we are ready to rock! Of course you’ll get the OFFLINE screen too for Twitch Stream! All files will be delivered in webm files in HD quality.

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Stream Alerts

Why would you use the static stream alerts when you can get modern and animated alerts to celebrate your success with audience? All what I need is to know your stream platform (Twitch / Facebook Gaming). Then we choose the style, colors, effects and visual option. Are you not sure how many of them do you really need and which exactly? I’ll design and animate classic alerts for Twitch as New Follower, Subscriber, Donation, Hosts, Bits, Raid, Merch and Social Media. Facebook Gaming Alerts: New Like, Follower, Stars, Donation, Supporter, Merch and Social Media. Special alerts: 5 Gifted Subscribers, New Prime Subscriber, New Re-Subscriber. If you need more specific alerts don’t worry, we’ll make them too!

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PRO Package

If you have a feeling your stream got maximum from graphics and animations, lets move on to PRO package! This package is FULL custom package and contain everything you need for perfect performance.

Custom Logo design and animation, All animated Screens, Offline graphics, Animated Alerts, Transition, Social media headers for Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Face-Cam Overlay, Green Screen Line, Top Panel Alert, Bottom Panel Alert.

Same as before, you have full control on your package, final files are delivered in webm file and all of this design and animation process take about 7-10 days.

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Live Stream Package

This package is perfect fr beginners and part-time streamers. All of the packages are for affordable prices! What you can find in Live Stream section? Mostly packages are inspired by popular stream games as a Call of Duty, League of Legends, Fortnite, Valorant or Cyberpunk 2077.

Live Stream package contain: Starting Soon, Be Right Back, Ending Soon screens, Face-Cam Overlay and Transition. This packages comes without option to add your logo, name or social media. This is just basic pack for immediate stream. This package is available immediately. So don’t wait, order now, instal and stream right NOW!

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Do you need more?

Contact me on if you are looking for something specific or different. StellarUI is the wizard of stream animations.


Professional branding and motion designer evolved by time to universal designer who love and care about stream platforms like Twitch, Streamlabs, Facebook Gaming, YouTube live stream and OBS. I create stream elements and animations with passion and inspiration.